Voices from the Field: Denise Binder

Voices from the Field: Denise Binder

Denise Binder

Denise Binder shares information about Practice-Based Coaching (PBC), a relationship-based method of professional development.  PBC uses a three-component cycle of goal setting, focused observation, and feedback to build provider and caregiver capacity to promote adult-child interactions.  

Q1: What is practice-based coaching? [transcript]

Q2: What are key qualities to look for in a coach? [transcript]

Q3: What three components are included in the Practice-based Coaching Cycle? [transcript]

About the Speaker

Denise Perez Binder, M.A., of Florida Center for Inclusive Communities at the University of South Florida provides training, technical assistance, and coaching to teachers and programs on the implementation of the Pyramid Model.  She currently is a training and technical assistance specialist with the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTAcenter.org), Pyramid Equity Project, and the Program-wide Implementation of Pyramid Model Intervention study. She has expertise in program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model, Practice Based Coaching, and is a trainer for the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT™).