Voices from the Field: Pam Dawson

Voices from the Field: Pam Dawson

Pam Dawson

Pam Dawson talks about Tele-Intervention (TI), which is virtual service delivery model.  Pam discusses the benefits and challenges of TI and provides strategies for successful implementation.

Q1: What are some of the Benefits and Challenges of Tele-Intervention? [transcript]

Q2: What strategies support an effective Tele-Intervention Session? [transcript]

About the Speaker

Pam Dawson, M.Ed is the Executive Director of hear ME now – a Maine non-profit that helps children and adults with hearing loss develop listening and speaking skills through the use of hearing technology. Tele-Intervention has helped hear ME now service providers to reach families in their large, rural state.  Pam is the co-chair of the Maine Interagency Coordinating Council, a board member of OPTION (listening and spoken language programs in North America), and a member of the 2018 Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) planning committee.