During the planning section, you will learn how to identify specific challenges you may have with implementing a practice and potential strategies for how to address those challenges:

  • Lesson 1: Ask the Expert (3:11 run time)
    Assessment practices are defined and the best available research on assessment practices is summarized by Dr. Jane Squires.

  • Lesson 2: Gathering the Information (9:47 run time)
    Characteristics of assessment practices and the four phases of learning are explained with examples and activities.

  • Lesson 3: Using Assessment (Part 1- 8:12 run time; Part 2- 13:50 run time; Part 3-11:35 run time)
    Using assessment for determining eligibility and educational planning is explained with examples and activities. Using assessment to monitor child progress and evaluate child outcomes is also described with examples and activities.

  • Voices from the Field
    Practitioners and family leaders share their expertise and perspectives on using assessment practices.