Voices from the Field: Chaw Chaw

Voices from the Field: Chaw Chaw

Chaw Chaw

Chaw Chaw shares her experience working with families who are refugees. 

Q1: What is the best part of your job? [transcript]

Q2: What is the most challenging part of being a bilingual home visitor? [transcript]

Q3: What would you like professionals in the field of early childhood education and early childhood special education to know about working with refugee families? [transcript]

Q4: Can you share some of your knowledge about how professionals should attend or tune in to cultural differences in order to be an effective service provider? [transcript]

About the Speaker

Chaw Chaw is a Karen Refugee from Burma (Myanmar). She lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for 27 years, where she attended school through high school, and worked for 15 years with the Sho Klo Malaria Research Unit. She has been working as a bilingual home visitor for the Migrant Head Start program for the past seven years, and she works specifically with children and families who are Karen, Burmese, or Chin.