During the planning section, you will learn how to identify specific challenges you may have with implementing a practice and potential strategies for how to address those challenges:

  • Lesson 1: Ask the Expert (3:39 run time)
    Environment is defined and the best available research on environmental practices is summarized by Drs. Lori Meyer and Tricia Catalino.

  • Lesson 2: Gathering the Information (15:30 run time)
    Components of the child’s environment and how changes to the environment can serve as an intervention strategy to promote access and participation of all children, especially children with disabilities, are explained with examples and activities.

  • Lesson 3: Take Action (5:50 run time)
    Strategies on how to observe the child’s level of participation and how to modify or adapt the environment, and how to use assistive technology to support child learning, are explained with examples and activities.

  • Voices from the Field
    Practitioners and family leaders share their expertise and perspectives of using environmental practices with young children.