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In this video clip you will see a child playing in a creek. Note the child’s behaviors that can be observed during this interaction. Make some notes about what you see the child doing to interact and what abilities you observe.
In this video clip you will see a child engaging in water play. Pay attention to the behaviors to show what holds his interest.
In this video clip you will see a child playing in a pool of balls. Take notes about the child’s behaviors that show his interests.
In this video clip, we observe a child who is blind. His teacher has observed that the child’s level of participation during shared story book reading is low. In response to the low participation, his teacher has decided to create a book that allows the child to touch and move parts of the book.
In this video, try to identify the following: How is the child involved in the activity? How might she be more involved? Can you identify an adaptation that might support her involvement?
Watch the practitioner working with a family. This family has indicated that they want to help their daughter work on walking and talking. Watch how this practitioner uses the family-centered practice strategies to help them implement this plan.
In this video notice how the practitioner points out what the family does well and provides some suggestions to build their confidence and skill.
Notice how this practitioner encourages the father to interact with the child; she doesn’t interfere or take over. During family visits parents are encouraged to interact with their child, while practitioners participate without taking over.
Notice how the practitioner encourages the parents to engage with their child and then provides supportive feedback. When she asks the parents how the activity feels to them, they don’t answer but continue to play bubbles. This practitioner recognizes that they are focused on play with their child at the moment, and she respects this and lets the play continue.
In this video, you will see a practitioner review with parents what they have accomplished when working with their child and what they hope to accomplish in the future.
In this video a family is helping their child use sign language to request one of her favorite things, bubbles.
In this video notice how caregivers use everyday activities to provide instruction to a child. This parent encourages her child’s speech by asking questions, waiting for her child to answer, and responding positively when she talks.