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How do you plan to use what you learned? Create an action plan to take your learning directly to the classroom!
Additional resources to help you learn more about child interactions.
A collection of additional resources on supporting children during transitions.
List of DEC Recommended Practices for Instruction.
In this video, you will see a child and mother engaged in floor time play. See if you can identify the behavior(s) the child uses to interact with her mother. Also note the child’s abilities that can be observed during the interaction.
Watch the video and consider what could be assessed during this activity of a child playing ball with his father. Pay attention to the variety of skills the child is demonstrating during this activity such as gross motor- running and kicking the ball, picking up the ball. See if you can identify additional strengths or emerging skills related to language development?
Handout for Module 6 Instruction, Voices from the Field - Aly Heathcoat
Handout for Module 4 Teaming and Collaboration, Voices from the Field - Anderson White