Module Review

So far, you have experienced the Plan, Do, and Study phases of the PDSA cycle to learn about and apply the DEC recommended practices on transition:





Plan You identified the challenge, and planned on implementing the practices by considering the evidence, and learning how to observe, interpret and respond contingently.
Do You applied what you learned through a scenario-based activity. You may also have had additional opportunities to try out the practices in your own classroom, practicum placement, or through role-playing activities.
Study You reflected on, and/or evaluated your implementation by using some of the tools and reflection questions that were provided.
You should be able to:
  1. Explain what is meant by sensitive and responsive interactions to support children’s learning and development, and
  2. Observe, interpret and respond contingently to support children’s learning and development in language, cognitive and emotional competence.

You are now ready to develop an action plan in order to make changes to your practice and take your learning to another level in the classroom!

Download: Activity 2.3 Transition ‒ Action Plan